Creating Courage and Fearlessness

With less fear and more courage how might your life be different?

A five week live, interactive training with James Tripp


5 Weeks Online Training with James Tripp - All the Tools and Understandings

PLUS Four Live, Interactive Sessions and Personalised Support! 

Live Dates (All at 8pm London Time):

Sunday 7 April
Sunday 14 April
Sunday 28 April
Sunday 05 May

Live support within the access portal runs until 12th May!

Keep an eye on this page for more videos to come on what's in the program and how it works!

 5 weeks live creation and support + lifetime access, just $167 

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Decrease Fear and Resistance

Learn to re-wire your threat response systems so as they are better adapted to the life you want.

Increase Courage and Resilience

Build the courage you need to take regular action in accordance with your vision and higher values.

Live as a Creative Force

Stop hanging back and laying low, and start living as the primary creative force in your own life.


Transform your relationship with fear and unlock your inherent potential for growth, resilience, and self-determination with Creating Courage and Fearlessness

Guided by the experience and expertise of James Tripp, this program unpacks the nature of fear, its role and function, and the distinction between adaptive and maladaptive threat responses. Through a blend of principles based exploration and practical exercises, participants will learn to recognize fear in all its forms (overt and subtle) and learn to work with it transformatively from a place of courage and choice.

This course is built on the understanding that fear and threat response systems are integral to our survival but can sometimes obstruct our path to thriving in a complex, modern world. Through a carefully curated and co-created curriculum, you will be equipped with strategies to reorganize these natural responses, ensuring they support rather than hinder your life's ambitions. Participants will be encouraged to engage deeply and bring their questions as powerful tools for deepening understanding and driving personal change.

What You Will Learn:

  • The nature of fear and its role in human and mammalian evolution.
  • The distinction between adaptive and maladaptive fear and how to recognize them in your life.
  • Practical techniques for managing and transforming fear and liberating strength and motivation.
  • Strategies to liberate states of flow, enabling higher levels of performance in various aspects of life.
  • How to take ownership of your threat response systems, and come to master them rather than being mastered by them.
  • How to turn fear into a forge for courage.

    ...and much more

Course Features:

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from James Tripp's 15 years professional experience working 121 with clients on unhooking their fears and building courage, along with significant personal experience of change in this area.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage with interactive sessions that encourage the formulation of questions and active participation.
  • Personalized Approach: Discover personalized strategies for reorganizing fear responses to align with your life goals.
  • Practical Exercises: Apply tried-and-tested exercises designed to foster courage and diminish the hold of maladaptive fear.
  • Community Support: Join a community of like-minded individuals on a similar journey towards creating courage and fearlessness.

Who Should Enroll: This course is ideal for anyone looking to overcome the limitations imposed by fear, whether in personal development, professional environments, or daily challenges. Whether you're facing social anxiety, performance pressure, or existential fears, this program offers the tools and insights needed to navigate these challenges with confidence, grace, choice and understanding.

Professional Change Agents: If you are a coach, changework practitioner, or therapist you will learn much from this program that will help your clients effectively rewire threat response systems, build courage and overcome resistance.


"I’ve been watching your videos and engaging with your training and content for around two and a half years, and due to the ideas, conversations and processes/ techniques/ mind tech (whatever it could be called) I have entirely changed my life, my experience of the World around me and my belief in what’s possible for me. It truly is life (and business) changing stuff, James!"

Claire Standen
Founder - EmbodimentUK

Creating Courage and Fearlessness

5 Weeks Online Training Training with James Tripp - All the Tools and Understandings + 4 Live, Interactive Sessions + Personalised Support!


5 weeks live creation and support + lifetime access, just $167

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