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"It is said that when you are ready and looking for a mentor, s/he will show up for you. Last spring it was my time, to meet mine, and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Any words I could use to describe my experience with James Tripp would be too weak. And yet, it was nothing that he did TO me - he helped me uncover and manifest that I already had inside, but I wasn't sure if I was 'allowed' to uncover."

Cezar Cehan - Author of Heart to Heart Selling

"I'm just sending you this message as a personal thank you for what you do and the impact you've had on me over the years. I listen to many people in the this profession and I’ve recently come back to check in with your work.

Needless to say, I've had many new insights and the fire that is in me - to not only help others, but EFFICIENTLY help others - has reached a new burning point. Thank you! Keep up the great work."

Kyle Lautimus - Professional Change Agent

“I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in a coaching group with James Tripp. This experience has been both enjoyable and life changing for me. From the beginning I felt welcome, included, personally addressed and challenged. James’ presence was like that of a curious explorer perhaps a little farther and more deeply explored upon the path but very open to individual ideas and experiences and coaxing us along on an exploration in which he was also passionate, interested and alive. Every session was engaging, opening and expanding. I definitely not only got more than I thought out of these sessions; I got more than I could have thought. I could not recommend this more highly. I will be growing from this for quite a time to come yet and I hope to make this opportunity happen for myself again soon.”

One thing I might add to the testimonial is that I came into coaching with you wanting to get through a difficult transition from necessity driven to curiosity/creativity driven life. While I am not yet through instead of through what I find is something more rich; more and more I am living more deeply into a playful curious& creative coexistence with the waves of my life. Instead of leading me through my transition you have lead me INTO more fully living each moments transitions with autonomy, integrity, curiosity and playful creativeness. Not through - into Alive. ... so I guess, noticing achieving an objective I couldn’t have held - it is beyond. Thank you!"

Stephen Hedt - UP Mind-Body Medicine

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